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  I Wanna Be Your Dog  》


The 2017 Spring & Summer Collection is inspired by the legendary Proto-Punk band “The Stooges”, based on the band’s concise, repetitive, rugged and raw music style, and of course Iggy Pop’s intense, instigating body languages; physical, twisting, distorting, howling, primitive, raw, hermaphrodite-ish. The collection uses vintage pieces as base silhouettes to deconstruct, and recreate with motif patterns, repeated graphics, purposely reverse fabrics and parts to portray Iggy’s performance style and body languages.


Iggy Pop is also an starting point, the collection also digs deeper into the era, piggybacking with the rebellious bands such as MC5, New York Dolls, Death, David Bowie and The Doors etc. back to an era where music is extremely provocative, a scene where the performing band confronts its audience, throwing a middle finger to all the standards; values, politics, genders and rules.


OVKLAB 2017 S/S " I Wanna Be Your Dog " 系列,靈感源自前龐克(Proto-Punk)樂團 " The Stooge " 簡約、重復、粗糙的曲式風格,以及主唱Iggy Pop強烈煽動的舞台身體形象;顛倒、扭曲、嚎叫、更原始的、物質的、雌雄同體,表現在服裝上我們以古著版式為基礎進行解構、重組或拼裝、反覆的圖像與標語符號、重複的服裝結構,上下、正反、前後的穿著錯置。


以Iggy Pop為開頭,我們嘗試爬梳前龐克時期的作品,展開的互文本,跟著反叛的樂隊The Stooge、MC5、New York Dolls、Death、David Bowie、The Doors等,我們神遊到一個音樂極度挑釁的時代、到一個樂隊和觀眾對抗的現場,對約定俗成的價值、政治、性別、所有給定的規範比一個中指。


Photographer : Sih Wei Chen

Model : Kalis

Collection Designer : Chuang

Stylist : 高中

Staff Crew : Ming, Jess, Hayden, Jamo, En

Make Up : Angie Huang

Hair Stylist : Neo

Special Thanks : Revolver


Founded in 2003, OVKLAB is inspired by the American Heavy Metal band OVERKILL. The brand grows from the subculture streetwear style in the early days to now; a more mature and hi-street style. OVKLAB feeds off from Rock N’ Roll music & culture, base on the philosophy / slogan“The Future Is Unwritten”, OVKLAB experiments on combining high fashion elements with a washed, vintage style looks, tries to build a fashionable streetwear brand.