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Founded in 2003, OVKLAB is inspired by the American Heavy Metal band OVERKILL. The brand grows from the subculture streetwear style in the early days to now; a more mature and hi-street style. OVKLAB feeds off from Rock N’ Roll music & culture, base on the philosophy / slogan“The Future Is Unwritten”, OVKLAB experiments on combining high fashion elements with a washed, vintage style looks, tries to build a fashionable streetwear brand.


  Such A Tragedy Does Not Repeat Itself Before You Die  


The 2017 Autumn & Winter Collection takes inspiration from Grunge music and one of the most iconic bands of the 90’s, Nirvana and Kurt Cobain. 

One of the breakthrough of this collection is, it incorporates a total of 4 artists that reminds us of the mega rock star and the band, 3 Taiwanese artists with the exception of photographer Charles Peterson as the only instant connection to the band, the other three are connected through designer Chuang’s mind in a very special way.

Combining fine artist Kwei-Yen Chen, tattoo artist Mutineer Jun, and underground stoner metal band Sleaze, it adds an unfamiliar layer of context to the familiar subject.

First, the designer finds reflection of kurt and is reminded of the song “something in the way” from Kuei-Yen’s acrylic panting “the Admirers”, then he finds a shared passion that Kurt and Nirvana has on human anatomy, with anatomy textbook graphic alike style from Mutineer Jun, and lastly he finds Taiwanese stoner metal band Sleaze under the same roots of grunge rock. Puzzles all together, it becomes a sum of new perspective of Grunge, Kurt and Nirvana.





幾年前,在Gai Art個展時認識了陳奎延的作品,小畫幅織滿厚實的真誠,顏料交疊之間還存有景緻外不可見的神秘,去年看到The Admirers這幅,腦中突播放起Nirvana的something in the way,原來我剛看了Kurt Cobain:Montage of Heck,在兩個文本之間一場誤讀誘發的相遇開始了。

接著Kurt Cobain和Nirvana樂隊表現出對人體器官模型與圖示的喜愛這點,又讓我想到蘇駿,他精準手繪描刻的寫實又不現實而現實形式的圖示,很喜歡的一個圖是相連的一雙手,一端握著頭骨,頭骨見腦,一端的手指燃起火苗就像普羅米修斯正在盜火,從神的頭腦傳遞至肉身指尖的危險智慧花火,裸露的筋骨肌肉和荊棘針刺描繪著刑罰的痛楚。


最後,以 120底片的真實質感,捕捉如人物肖像般的畫面,將三位台灣獨立樂手從創作人轉換成被攝對象,透過攝影師黃俊團的視角呈現,讓型錄不單是被衣服穿的模特兒畫面,而是服裝與人互為主體的合奏旋律。


Photographer : Huang Jun Tuan

Model : Gao Xiao Gao, Zhan, Josh Yang

Collection Designer : Chuang

Staff Crew : Ming, Jess, Hayden, Jamo, En

Make Up : Angie Huang

Hair Stylist : Kira Master

Special Thanks : 行者藝文沙龍,Basement Cafe